The Creation of The Wave


The Wave is committed to providing free education for deprived, orphans and for poor, needy brick kiln Women. There are other fundamentals needs as well:

  • Providing free education to these vulnerable Women is our main vision because only education can break the chains of slavery. Due to miserable conditions and poverty, brick kiln Women and orphans cannot go to school or afford the fees and expenses of schooling.
  • Health is a great second concern for the Women who are living in unsanitary conditions of a slum or a brick kiln environment. Medication is provided to sick Women during the summer especially in the brick kiln villages.
  • We provide food, rations and meal support to these Women as they are otherwise not able to get even one meal a day on a regular basis. We are providing meals to some of the Wave established schools.
  • Literacy courses are provided for Women and adults at the brick kilns to enable them to read and write. Besides that, the adult literacy programs are supporting the young adults on the brick kilns to learn reading and writing so they may come out of the cycle of poverty and will also be able to read the word of God.
  • Women empowerment is a high priority project of The Wave. Unfortunately in our society females are facing great hardships in everyday life. We encourage women through various projects like Sewing Centers, Bible study Groups, Adult Literacy and pregnancy and women’s health care. We educate and advise girls on marriage awareness, domestic violence, corporal punishment and honor killing. The treatment of women in our society often leads to depression and deaths. Arranging training programs and seminars enables us to help empower the women.
  • Waterworks is also one of the main visions. By this project we provide good health and hygiene to the  women in particular. In the brick kilns the lack of clean drinking water is the main cause of many waterborne diseases and sicknesses.